Trip to UK – a photo summary!

EnglandIt was a fabulous opportunity to go back to the UK and visit family and friends, I was just sad that due to the back to front seasons, I could only stay 7 days. A long way to go for 7 days.

Still, I got to visit my sister, and meet my new twin nieces, so sad though that I live so far away from her. I now rely on Facebook more than ever. 

I also got top spend valuable time with my Dad, always precious time.

Then of course, I also had to squeeze in many visits to old haunts…

There were some places that I had to visit, in order to remember mum. Some places were hard, some were sad, including St Oswalds, the local church to my Dad. I got married there, and have a photo of Dad and I, at the gates, my bridesmaids on the path and mu mum at the church door. I lit a candle to remember her and sat inside quietly and cried for a while. I miss her an awful lot.

There were some things I just HAD to indulge in, as I cannot get them here, like fish chips and mushy peas, and local brewery guest ales! And photos of old iconic British items I don’t get to see any more!

A very special evening was spent with old school friends. They organise a reunion once a year, and this year was organised around me visiting! Two of these friends, very special friends, I have known since I was 5 years old!

One day, I spent touring many people – had breakfast, dinner and lunch out, and got to catch up with many many old friends. Fabulous, and all the more special now I live so far away.

Then we had a sister day, the last day that I spent in England, and a meal out that evening, my last evening in England.

Then it was farewell England.

compare this arial view of England with the Canadian Rockies – stunning!

Then here’s the view out of the window as the plane flew from Christchurch to Invercargill, the last leg of my journey. Absolutely stunning scenery. Reminds me every time, why I live here.

Lastly, a few plane photos, the fabulous welcome gate / arch at Auckland Airport (there was music playing also) and the toilet wallpaper that always makes me laugh in the Air NZ plane from Auckland to LAX / London.