Flying visit to the Capital

I have lived in New Zealand ten whole years now and I had not, till recently, visited Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city (no, it’s not Auckland like most foreigners seem to think!)

By the way, this trip took place a few weeks ago 😏

Te Papa

Wellington is home to Te Papa, the National Museum. Over several floors it would take days to go round all of it. We focussed on one single floor – The story of the Anzacs. The details of the history i had no idea of, specially that so many men literally went to their inevitable deaths due to bad planning and foresight.

These models photographed were absolutely gigantic (as you can see because the first photo includes someone standing next to the model, so you can get an idea of scale. The detail / realism was just incredible.

The waterfront

Wellington was, in its true style, very very windy indeed the weekend we were there. I think I learned a new (how to walk in strong winds on an artificial skill without being blown over) skill!

Lego exhibition

I’m not massively into Lego per se, but this exhibition was in Wellington (it was the last day actually!) so after much mulling it over decided to take a look. It was a whole day’s entertainment if you had children, incredibly interactive and the detail in the builds was amazing. And the sheer scale of them too!

Like, the Lego car… We read the info beside it which said look in the wing mirror.. no one had noticed this detail but there was a large dinosaur model behind it bursting out of the wall… and its image in the car’s rear view mirrors too!!

Other wellington snippets

We took the funicular railway down from where Peter’s family (who we were visiting) lived. I didn’t even know Wellington had a vernacular railway (oops!!). Found a cute little mall built inside an old bank, with the food courts in the vault! AAAND an amazing dress shop…. Gorman! I only bought one dress…. I restrained myself!

Family meal

Our unfortunate missing of the flight meant we fortunately were able to have a final meal with Peter’s brother, his wife and her daughter. What an amazing restaurant he chose for us, with spectacular food. Thank you John and Pip for a wonderful weekend (and the birthday card / wine!)

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