40km ride: an amputee cyclists eye view

Todays 40km ride: a cyclists view. Here’s a short video clip montage of my ride today – from home to Lochiel – and back. My longest post amputation ride to date.

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#216 Yahoo! Leg progress at last!

Apologies for missing last weeks episode: sometimes life just serves us a curve ball and we need time to re-set. So, here’s this exiting update for of good news stories (and a few hidden gems of surprise!)

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First ride out: me and Creo!

I couldn’t wait to try the new e-bike out – so the second the rain stopped I grabbed the opportunity!

When does an e-bike not look like an e-bike? When you buy a specialised! Meet Creo my e-assist bike I just got!

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#215 Some of my planning and focus tips, plus my racing decision: REVEALED

I have been asked a heck of a lot – how I stay so positive and focussed. Today I drop a few of my strategies in there plus, reveal after a looooooong deliberation – what I have decided to do about return to racing – either as a para- or not as a para.

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It’s not like you think [poem]

It’s not all sweetness and light

Living in a world of judgement

Superficial opinions

And barriers at every turn.

It’s not all smiles and positivity

In a world that hates ‘abnormal’

Ignorant hatred

That hurts to the core.

It’s not as easy as it looks

To access life differently

And fight for everything

That you simply take for granted.