PTSD / disability: What you don’t see

All social media usually shows is the rosy side of life. I do try to post about the whole picture around living with a medical fuck up acquired disability. But there are always things you don’t see when you read about the rosier side of life.

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#225 Managing my own mental health/ self care

Mental health is a massive pressure for everyone these days, never mind those of us who already had some challenges. Here’s how I’m dealing with it to keep myself on a level and take care of ME.

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It’s not like you think [poem]

It’s not all sweetness and light

Living in a world of judgement

Superficial opinions

And barriers at every turn.

It’s not all smiles and positivity

In a world that hates ‘abnormal’

Ignorant hatred

That hurts to the core.

It’s not as easy as it looks

To access life differently

And fight for everything

That you simply take for granted.