#212 Long weekend away.. and sad news

I started the week this time with a limb centre appointment and finished it with a weekend away in Te Anau (Monday 25th October is a public holiday in New Zealand). However, before I even got this video blog finished, edited and uploaded I got some very sad news.

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#211 It’s a wrap: my first Paracycling camp and lots to think about

Today I show you how I managed to not break my neck (or my only good leg!) in that crazy motel bathroom! I also reflect on the weekend and the take aways, where to from here?

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#209 My first paracycling camp day 1/3

Way back in May, before I had even tried riding a bike, I agreed to come on this camp. So many changes in schedule due to various covid restrictions means that I won’t actually be able to officially classified as first planned. But I hope to still learn an immense amount about para cycling – and hopefully pick up a few tricks along the way too.

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PTSD: the invisible ghost [Poem]

It’s secretly there all the time
And quite often it can’t hide.
Springing up when least expected
Leaving us feeling ‘infected’.

The silent terror we can’t control
Comes under mental illness.. (eyes roll)
We aren’t refusing to let go,
It’s the one that’s refusing.

We learn ways to keep it at bay
This is a battle, day after day.
But all the time it’s there in hiding
Whatever we do, it’s not subsiding.

Imaging living with this demon
Year after year throughout the seasons.
All we can do it learn to restrain
And quietly carry on managing pain.

[poem by Melanie Ryding]