#209 My first paracycling camp day 1/3

Way back in May, before I had even tried riding a bike, I agreed to come on this camp. So many changes in schedule due to various covid restrictions means that I won’t actually be able to officially classified as first planned. But I hope to still learn an immense amount about para cycling – and hopefully pick up a few tricks along the way too.

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De-stress your (and my!) life: step 1!

A very big focus for me at the moment is to deal with the mental and emotional side of the trauma involved in losing a leg (and it actually being someone’s fault). To that end I have a regular appointment with a psychologist. In addition to that I also have a regular appointment with an occupational therapist who is helping me manage the rest of my life, sleep (or lack of), pacing and fatigue. The last time I recorded a video blog I set some goals for myself, and one of them was to slow down and be ok with that. It was me doing that very thing that caused me to happen upon a book that, so far, is possibly one of the best books I have read in a long time (and I have only just started it!)

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#139 Physio has gone up a notch!

I am ticking things off the get back to two legs list gradually and there’s one that still alludes me: massage. So here’s what physio looks like now.. real life goal related exercises! Plus.. I’m back on that damn bike trying to make the pedals go round! Here’s how I’m doing!

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