#211 It’s a wrap: my first Paracycling camp and lots to think about

Today I show you how I managed to not break my neck (or my only good leg!) in that crazy motel bathroom! I also reflect on the weekend and the take aways, where to from here?

Ps: the taxi driver booked to pick me up this evening looked up into the sky, saw the plane come over and was at the airport 20 mins before the time I booked, right as I was arriving! What a change!

I’ve come away with a heck of a lot to think about:

👍🏻 A chat with Dale in the airport while waiting for planes has planted a new sporting idea in my head for me to think about. One that, for some reason , I had not even considered.
👍🏻 I met a bunch of simply quite amazing para-athletes, who I really hope to see again sometime at another camp. Soooo good to be with people where you actually feel ‘normal’ again for a while. (Whatever ‘normal is.. but you get my meaning!)
👍🏻 I have had some really good encouragement and feedback from some pretty important people that know their stuff. Once again.. I am underestimating myself and impatience is getting the better of me 😏.
👍🏻 I learned some new skills (and re-learned some old new skills) in the perfect, risk free environment
👍🏻 I was made to feel thoroughly welcome by everyone the whole time.


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I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.

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