Winton Open day and the 2015 Christmas Parade

Wallacetown Christmas Magic shop

Wallacetown Christmas Magic shop

It’s been a few weeks, apologies. Last weekend we decided we would sample the Bill Richardson Truck museum cafe. The museum isn’t open yet, but the cafe is, and is currently the talk of the town. There were certainly crowds (as there always are with something new in town!).

I can’t wait to see the building open, I had the privilege of seeing the old building, small and cramped. It will be great to see the cars properly displayed. I think I might have been served the tallest cake in town that day though!

It was also the Winton Open day that same weekend. Winton is a small town just up the road, I have always thought it odd that the whole place has an open day and have in the past only wandered through briefly. This time we went early and had a proper wander around.

It was a nice (but slightly breezy) day and we ended up in some real bargain shops! From the outside, they often looked like something entirely different to the inside! Our bargain find was a 1500W strimmer for $18. Its funny what small things please you when you live in rural Southland!

This weekend was the Christmas Parade in Invercargill city centre. It wasn’t quite as sunny as last year, but at least the rain that was forecast held off. Darned El nino! I am looking forward to the hot hot summer that is meant to follow!

Here are a few video clips of the parade too.