First race of the season, and another year older

IMG_5002This week was my Birthday, the second without Mum, always sheds a slightly sad tinge over it. Still, I was taken out for a lovely meal by Mark, and got a GoPro as a birthday present (purchased last week). Cool present that I will have never ending fun with! 

We went to a local restaurant called Buster Crabb: we haven’t been there before. Its a lovely restaurant with a delightful atmosphere and HUGE portions! The menu came made up as a newspaper, with a load of articles about Crabb himself wrapped around the menu! Very cool!

We went to the Riverton Show this weekend, marking over a year now, as we went last year! We can now start to talk about how events compare to ‘last time’ which is cool! The weather forecast wasn’t as good, which kept some of the exhibitors away, but it was still really cool anyway!

Here are just some of the cars and bikes on show.

The weekend was rounded off by my first regatta of the season, at Bluff. Down on the southern most tip, its a wee bit chilly, and usually windy. This regatta was called off last year, and the club actually store some boats in our shed because we get better water! Thankfully, the wind held off just enough to complete the meet. Fist race of the season completed!

marathon_certificates2014The Ryding sporting family was spilt two ways, because as this was happening Mark was running the Invercargill half marathon. It runs from Waianiwa to Invercargill, (passing right by our front gate!) finishing with a lap of the velodrome!


Of course, now it is spring, my garden is well and truly springing too! I spend a good few hours clearing our front path this weekend, which can only mean one thing, the indoor flowers season has started!

IMG_5059Here bluebells are not endangered, and I currently have LOADS!

I love summer in our garden, I am never short of vases of free flowers in the house!


Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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