Balancing life… getting there I think!

When you have been working 60+ hours a week for over 2 years and suddenly you decide to address it (and get a degree of success to boot) suddenly you wonder what on earth you used to do with all your spare time! 

I can safely say that the mayhem of the business move is starting to die down, my phone is no longer ringing non stop and I am starting to get some normality back. But, what on earth is that!?

When you are a business owner business is never far from your mind. Its crazy. Its really difficult to switch off! So I have decided to tackle it one baby step at a time.

First goal was to actually make myself have a lunch BREAK. Here is the proof!

Next goal was to get to the pool again, first goal twice a week. I managed that for the first time last week. Shorter than I would like, but a start is a start!

Then, it was to work 40 hours or under. Now THAT is the difficult one! I will report back at the end of next week, because I have worked out my schedule and if nothing horrid goes wrong, I am set to manage this for the first time EVER this coming week!

Night food market South City

The next aim was to get some of our recreational time back, which is tricky because by the time I get to Friday I’m knackered! But, we managed that too last week and went to the South City night food market (although, we are still on daylight savings for summer so it wasn’t night really!)

So all in all, I am managing to get some balance back. The trick is to stay disciplined and stop trying to do everything!

Then the week finished with the Surf to City. This is an ICC event that aims to get everyone moving – their motto everyone moving ever day. From 3km to 12km, all the way from Oreti Beach to the city centre, everyone takes part, from wee kids on bikes to walkers, runners and the lot.

I have been down to cheer Mark in a few years now. It always makes me feel sad that I could no longer walk that distance, never mind run it, but this year we had a team R2H doing the 6km with Mark. They all made it, under the hour and all ran the whole thing. Fabulous work, one being just 12 years old and has been a client of hours for a number of years. We had to ban him from attempting the 12km.. well, till next year anyway!

I’m thinking post event massage tent opportunity next year..