I have a plan – at last!

I am someone who likes to work from targets and action plans. That said, I have found the last 4 weeks post surgery really tough, because everyone told me to take it easy and that I needed to give it time for everything to heal to a point where it was safe to move forwards with rehab. Waiting indefinitely is not a strong point of mine!

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Long rides long swims and a glimpse of winter sun!

This is a deceptive photo, because it feels like it has been raining and blowing a gale for way more than 40 days and 40 nights here in the Southern Hemisphere. On top of that, it will be about 12 weeks before we start to see the weather improve and spring start to arrive, AND no Christmas to break up the dark long winter! I much prefer the seasons the other way around!

This week also marks our last public holiday till October, making winters in the Southern Hemisphere feel really really long indeed!

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