#139 Physio has gone up a notch!

I am ticking things off the get back to two legs list gradually and there’s one that still alludes me: massage. So here’s what physio looks like now.. real life goal related exercises! Plus.. I’m back on that damn bike trying to make the pedals go round! Here’s how I’m doing!

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#120 Reconditioning with a prosthetic: physio and bike routine

I’m on a mission… with or without a properly fitting socket … to get my fitness back. Sadly though, I’m starting even further back than I thought. Here’s how I’m going.

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I have a plan – at last!

I am someone who likes to work from targets and action plans. That said, I have found the last 4 weeks post surgery really tough, because everyone told me to take it easy and that I needed to give it time for everything to heal to a point where it was safe to move forwards with rehab. Waiting indefinitely is not a strong point of mine!

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