Tramping and a new set of legs!

20140503-211449.jpgSometimes you find yourself seated on a rock, looking around thinking Wow, is this really my life? Today was one of those days. 

I feel blessed. I have scenery like this such a short drive from my door, Please, tranquillity, beauty, life is good. 

One of the most regular comments we get is ‘wow, you are so brave.’ You MAKE your own fortunes. As we were tramping through Mores reserve today I was thinking about what we have actually done.

Imagine deciding to move house, jobs, towns, change cars and refurnish your life all on the same day. Effectively that is what emigration is. But look where we are? We are so much better off, life is great, (it hasn’t always been so!) As I was sitting in the shelter of the wind, munching snacks and looking at my surroundings, not another human in sight, all this and more dawned on me, like a mini moment of enlightenment. 

Today we walked a route we have done before, Mores reserve. We never get bored of the amazing views, peace and tranquility and beauty of the area. This time I took walking poles. I have never used them before, and oh my goodness, they gave my poor knees a new lease of life! 

I could sit and listen to the sea for hours, I really could. It is the most soothing sound I can think of. 

New Zealand is such a beautiful country and I feel blessed and privileged to be able to say I live here.