#221 Dealing with a PTSD kick off

It’s been a mighty tough few weeks for me from a PTSD point of view and it’s taking me a long while to get things back under control. Here’s how I’m doing, plus 2 tasks I have set myself that I want you to keep me accountable on!

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POEM – Dare to stare?

If you dare to stare
Please do say ‘Hi’.
It’s only a fake leg
It won’t make you die.

If you dare to stare
Why not also smile.
I’m sure it’s not catching
Just go that extra mile.

Because, if you dare to stare,
You clearly want to know
Why my leg is not like yours.
What do I have below?

Instead of stare, here’s a dare.
Introduce yourself.
Never know what might be learned,
About body parts on the shelf.

[Poem by Melanie Magowan]