Christmas and New Year – holiday time

So sorry it has taken me so long to get around to sorting this blog! I have had a lot going on that I have had to deal with on the sidelines! But here I am now!

Heading to Napier was literally a last minute decision. I was talking to a friend who lives in Hawkes Bay on the week before Christmas. He said that he had no plans for the holiday break and asked what I was doing. Nothing, I said. So a spur of the minute decision was made and I booked a flight to go and stay with him. Kill two birds with one stone and brighten up what could have been a quiet lonely Christmas for the both of us/ Win-win.

Here is a wee compilation of some of what I got up to while I was there.

Sugarloaf hill

Let me tell you that story. It’s quite a short one.

Dave: oh… we probably can’t do that walk, it will be too hard for you.

Next day: we did that walk.

Hahaha! Yep, if you have been following me for a while you will know that the one thing that motivates me more than anything else in the world, it is someone telling me I can’t!!

Before tackling it I looked at its gradient and length online. It looked similar to my own local Forest Hill walk. The difference here that made it much trickier for a prosthetic leg was the terrain. It was not a maintained path as suck, it was just a few ruts in a field that many feet had worn into what looked a bit like a path. The more uneven the ground is, the more it shows up the limitations of the mobility of a hydraulic ankle. Plus, all the uneven ground presents itself to me at knee level. So yep, it was hard, but yep, I managed it! There was never any doubt I wouldn’t, because turning around half way up was never going to happen in a million years!

When we had almost reached the bottom, we passed two Māori lads heading up. One of them said ‘you didn’t go all the way to the top did you?’/ Yeah, I did, I replied. You look almost as surprised as my friend here!

Swimming race

Before I arrived in Hawkes Bay, there had been some banter about Dave being able to race me at swimming. The challenge was set! To be honest, I was feeling pretty confident. But you just never know!

The first time we showed up at the pool there was far too much traffic in all the lanes for us to be able to execute our ‘race’. Dave was looking pretty happy about this actually! So the race was put off, and off and off. We did go back a few more times for a swim, but it was quickly quite obvious to Dave that he didn’t really stand much of a chance against me! So the ‘race’ was very quickly called off (by him, not me!)

Cycling the local area

I was invited to bring my cycling leg with me and Dave was going to borrow his dad’s e-bike for me so we could go for a ride. But, by the time we got to the bike riding day, he decided that I didn’t need the e-bike, he did! Sadly for him, his bike frame was too small for me so I had no choice but to take the e-bike. HAHAHA

To make things a bit fairer for him (although I don’t know why I needed to when he has two legs and I have 1!!) I did not actually turn the e-bike battery on at all. It was quite an enjoyable ride along the waterfront.

Two lippy Ladies

OMG What an amazing shop! Dave was on a mission to vamp up my style and told me this was a shop I quite simply HAD to see. He was right!! Here are the dresses I bought. The ones I have worn so far have had huge compliments along with comments about how this is completely different to how I used to dress.

Well, Yes, it is! I thought it was time for a personal revamp, so thanks Dave for the help in that regard. I now possess I think maybe 7-8 dresses whereas prior to my amputation I actually had none! In fact, the day I wear Jeans (which used to be my staple, either that or leggings) is a rare one!

I will post better photos as I wear each one rather than shop selfies!


I have been floating around on the sidelines of parkrun for years. I have been volunteering at Parkrun for a wee while, but just as I was ready to actually give one a go, (waiting for the wheelchair delivery) they were suspended.

So, my first ever Parkrun was on Christmas Day at Anderson Park, Napier. I even managed to persuade Dave to come along and take part the following week (New Year’s Day) which as it turns out was his first ever Parkrun too! He promised me he would continue but sadly, this has not been the case. 🙁

Thank you soo much Dave, for making my Christmas and new year so awesome!

More Photos – the other bits

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