Trauma talks: Amanda Wilson 10/7/22 Invercargill

This talk was something I saw on a friend’s Facebook page, reposted from someone she knew through horsey circles. Obviously I do not rotate in those circles so Amanda was completely unknown to me.

I also did not really have any specific expectations about this talk, but wow, the content really did blow my mind. I will do my best to summarise based on the notes I took on the day.

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#221 Dealing with a PTSD kick off

It’s been a mighty tough few weeks for me from a PTSD point of view and it’s taking me a long while to get things back under control. Here’s how I’m doing, plus 2 tasks I have set myself that I want you to keep me accountable on!

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Living with PTSD – the bare truth

I think a few things need to be explained here. I am facing constant societal judgements and am being made to feel like I am either broken, or slightly crazy. So let’s get this out in the open shall we?

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