finding my mojo… and the snow!

This is a rarity in a coastal city: this is a highway! We had snow to sea level which lasted a whole 24 hours and ground the whole of Southland to a halt!

I’m sorry, Southland, I declare you all quite cr@p at dealing with snow!

The week started like this: snow. It only lasted 24 hours, but it is the most snow I have seen here in the deep south of New Zealand – in the entire 6 years I have been here. So the fact that my entire days worth of clients cancelled their appointments for fear of being ‘snowed in’ was infuriating to say the least, for this english person used to a LOT MORE SNOW THAN THIS!

This week at work, due to the above, has been relatively quiet, which meant I could catch up with a heap of stuff that I had gotten behind with. It won’t last though, back into full tilt next week, which meant this week was a blessing in disguise.

I ended the week with a walk in the park and a coffee date for one: the friend I was meant to meet cancelled at the last minute. I thought to hell with it, I am going to go anyway!

Then there is the training. The focus this week was to find my cycling mojo again. To be frank, I thought about withdrawing from the race completely. I friend of mine told me to try Zwift.

Now the bike I race on is almost ten years old, as is the indoor trainer that I attach it to in the winter. I fully expected Zwift to require a large technological investment. I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case at all. I was able to get a bluetooth cadence sensor for the bike relatively cheaply and the subscription was pretty much the same as the other program I had tried. game on.

I have been totally astounded by how seriously cool zwift is, and I have only tried it twice. Here is a wee summary smippet of todays ride – around London!