Loving to hate the bike: I prefer sprint training!

This view is beginning, quite frankly, to p1ss me off and demotivate me from cycling completely. I have decided that I much prefer sprint training, because the training blocks are short and quick, easy to fit in around all sorts of other normal every day things.

I find the indoor trainer boring as hell, quite frankly. I actually almost withdrew my entry from the Aquabike in Feb. I am really struggling with finding motivation and time to sit on a bike for hours on end.

Race outline: Aquabike

3km swim:

This is no problem for me whatsoever. I can knock out a 3km swim with little effort at the moment. If i was committed to structured training I would now add speed intervals to this. But actually, getting to the pool to swim once per week is a tiny but challenging goal for me at the moment so I am starting right there. nothing more fancy than that.

PB knocked out thanks to this swimmer joining me in my lane; unwritten races!

120km bike:

Here lies the problem. I am just not sure what the solution is.

  • When I was racing, I ALWAYS had a coach, who took care of planning all my training. I just followed instructions and did what I was told. I am actually learning that this approach really worked well for me and having to work it all out myself and have no one that I am accountable to makes it a lot easier to ‘not bother’.
  • Sprint racing involved 750m swim and 20km bike. both of those are under an hour and super easy to fit in, tolerable if they have to be indoors and manageable even if you’re feeling tired and don’t want to do it.
  • There is no short cut to long distance training. There is also the added challenge of living in the deep south meaning that I just do not have the daylight hours available around my long late working days to ride outdoors (even if the weather was playing ball).

If you can see a solution that I am not thinking of, please do let me know.

My next plan of action

  • A friend of mine recently trained for Ironman and had a similar issue regards beginning to hate the bike, struggling to fit it all in, etc. She suggested the following book, which she followed. So I am going to buy it and see what words of wisdom he has for me.

The Fast Track Triathlete

Matt Dillon
  • I have until now, always sworn by the sufferfest. But, they are also now beginning to bore me: there are only a limited amount of LONG rides available – otherwise I have to double up multiple short rides and it is all getting a bit repetitive. So, I am going to get a bluetooth speed and cadence sensor, then trial swift for a week and see if it is any more interesting for all these endless indoor rides.

Wish me luck. I think I might need it.