Summer! YAY!

img_0889So it arrived at last, just when I was beginning to think summer wasn’t going to visit us at all in the deep south! Doesn’t a bit of sun and some heat make everything better? 

We opened the new building last week, its been a mad week, as tradies and phone calls haven’t left me along for the last few weeks, I am only just catching up with it all. Here’s the new premises though.

We also finally got our dividing doors this week. You would have no idea the stress these things have caused me, and I ended up having to close for an entire day for them to install them too! Arrgh!


The infamous doors!

Still, I HOPE everyone will leave me along (bar the final building inspection from council).

The clients now think its too big, because my prescribed pain and torture is now stretched out into space as well as time! Hahaha!

The sun finally arrived in the South this week, and I have to smile: the north are now getting severe weather warnings: its about time it turned on its head!

I have been attempting to get some balance back in my life this week, so the sunshine meant I was able to get out and enjoy the local parks a little more. Next week’s to do list has ‘get yourself a lunch-break’ at the top of it!