Winter get togethers: snow and sun

IMG_9430It’s a beautiful day in Southland, but gosh we’re having a chilly stormy snowy winter at the moment! More wooly hats purchased, more jumpers worn and the Yunka is pretty much always roaring! 

Work is going well, I got more branding this week (beanies are essential right now!) and I’m putting on two new classes in the next two weeks to meet demand for BoxFit, it seems the people of southland love letting the gloves quell their anger and frustrations!

The swim school had a winter get together to wave goodbye to departing staff and welcome new ones (aka me!) on Friday. It was nice to get together with a new group of people and make new connections.

IMG_9435Mark decided to go for broke and ordered the venison special, the hugest hunk of animal on a plate that I have ever seen!

Amongst all the stormy snowy weather I am spotting the odd flower in the park. I’m not sure if it’s just the plants are confused or spring really is nearby.

So there’s only one thing for it, some hearty winter cooking. We have slacked a little lately so we’re launching back into home cooking. Here’s Mark’s first attempt at a chicken and leek pie: and a delicious one it was too!

At at least we’re on the way to summer, whereas the Northern hemisphere are on a slippery slope to winter!