Wow what a week! I’m now a business premises owner!

R2H Open dayOur wedding anniversary whistled by and was kinda encompassed by some much bigger news, which has meant I have not been on the blog as much as normal: I am a business premises owner! 

A few weeks ago, Mark mentioned that he imagined me with my own premises, he had seen a few, think of all the things I could do with it, bla bla bla. To that point it had not been further from my mind. I have already exceeded all my bucket list inventory by even being self employed as it was. Own a premises? Don’t be ridiculous!

Anyway, short story even shorter: ten days later I am opening my own premises!!!

We had some conversion quotes done for space on our own land at home and renting was going to be long term more sensible an option, balancing cost and square metres.

So, for a week (while the lease was tied up) we spent all our spare time at op shops looking for second hand furniture, spend all weekend painting 10 litres of white paint on top of a terrible blue wash paint job and opened up for open day just ten days after taking the keys, two weeks after even only thinking about the idea!

I have to say I am a little bowled over how well my business is going, since I have only been trading for 4 months.

I am beginning to think that this pipe dream should have been actioned years ago! I am getting fabulous feedback, great results, I couldn’t be happier.

As for the rest of life? Its been a whirlwind so that lot has been a little bit on hold! Hopefully I will begin to get the balance back now!