Third world problems in a frozen country!

snowI sort of expected perhaps to run out of water in the summer, perhaps on a really hot year (as we’re on tank water not mains) but I didn’t expect to get up this morning and have no water. FROZEN. 

I’m not sure exactly how the plumbing works, but I know that the majority of our pipes are out in the open air in the space beneath the house. So, limited hot drinks, adapted breakfast, range on, fire on, heat pump on in the hope that we could thaw them out.

Its been a lot colder a winter than our previous years here, we have had a lot more frosts too, and a blanket of snow. This photo is the main road outside our house. Nope, no rock salt, no gritters, no need they say, this happens so rarely. Still, it makes for lovely crisp sunny (if not somewhat cold) days. We have concluded that although in general the air temperature isnt as cold as Britain, the wind is an awful lot colder. Well, nothing much between us and the South Pole so I guess its to be expected.

I head a clear out this week, in a little spare time that I had.

teaching cullI decided to throw out the massive piles of ‘just in case’ teaching resources. Lets face it I will not be returning to secondary performing arts teaching, if at all any teaching, so there is no need to stash it all. Now my office looks like a proper office, and the filing cabinets are finally filled with something useful: PT and Ryding2Health business stuff!

And this week was cause for a celebration too: we have been elevated from ‘resident’ to PERMANENT resident’! So we had an Indian and a nice glass of red or two to mark the occasion!

IMG_9396Only seven weeks till Spring. APPARENTLY!!

This weekend the Investec Super 15 Champions Trophy that the Highlanders won was doing a tour, and it stopped off in Invercargill. So, naturally we went along for a photo. At an impressive 28kg it had its own security guard and we were only allowed to touch it, not lift it!