Wild Wild Winter 

IMG_9215It’s that time of year again: the book sale, and of course I couldn’t resist! Mark went elsewhere while I stocked up with new cheap reads! We really need to do a garage sale in the spring, I have so much stuff to get rid of! I promised myself I wouldn’t hoard books, but man, it’s so hard because books are so cool! I love books! 

The spin classes are picking up, I have managed to get some people in that are completely new to spin. That is just fab. I love helping people achieve their goals and I have had so many lovely comments lately from clients, I will update the feedback page of my web site and add them all in. I have also been offered permanent swim teaching hours which is great considering I was taken on as a casual. The next staff meeting is in a few weeks, but I was asked not to go. I asked why. They said they were all re-doing their swim fitness test (the one I did recently) but I wasn’t needed because I would probably show them allIMG_9204 up! (With my 3.25min 200m- which needed to be completed in 6.5 mins!) Hahaha!

I am loving my new self made business. I have so many things going on I don’t really consider it to be work, I love every day! No regrets at all! I am developing slightly mad hours (early mornings, evening work and time off during the day!) but that’s to be expected.

Still getting relief work too, went to a primary and a secondary school this week. I was told I sounded like ‘something off Grand Designs’ (a bit odd) and took Seamus the bear to show the primary kids. They loved that he has a suitcase of clothes and everything!

My officeWinter seems really long and bleak here, without Christmas in the middle. This winter has been particularly wet and wild, worse than I remember previous years being. It’s only June (equivalent of December) and spring feels like it’s ages away! The days are so dark, not getting light till after 8:30pm and dark by 5pm. At least I see the daylight now, rather than being loocked in all day and going to / from work in the dark.

Dunedin trip next week (x2!) one for business, one for pleasure. 🙂