Cat dramas 

IMG_9188So this week I have had a cat soap opera evolve in my house. You couldn’t make this up!  Our cat a kiwi came into the house dramatically limping like she had done something major to herself.

Mark suspect it is a broken leg so we rush off tho the vet. On arrival the damn cat struts around on all fours. Nope, just a cat bite from fighting. She is given medicine and penicillin and sent on her way, on arrival back home she lays on the acting again, back to limping and feeling sorry for herself!

This got old pretty quickly like a child who has been rumbled, when we lock the cat flap so she is house bound for a few days. Well, she is ill, she needs to stay in!

We knew she was just fine again when she needed to be intercepted so I could rescue this bird from her clutches! Well, that and the fact that I caught her dangling from her front two legs onto a high cupboard trying to make the jump to get inside it!

IMG_9172Group classes still going well, now I have some more PT clients and some coaching clients too as well as swim lessons which is cool. Soon I can give myself a wage, yay!
I always like a craft fare and this weekend was no different. Even if I don’t buy anything, I still like to look around – well that and the farmers market. It’s teeny tiny compared to Dunedin!

On Sunday we went for a stroll at Sandy point, and noticed this. So what you think: free weed cuttings we think! We filled the station wagon real fast: I think we need a trailer!