Self employment update and winter has arrived

My office
My office

It’s been a busy week this week in the work department. I have continued to do all my group fitness classes and several PT appointments on top of 3 full days work at a local school relieving for an absent teacher, and one evening training course. It’s actually the best part of teaching that I get to teach without the nonsense paperwork and long hours. I would not  consider going back to it full time any time soon, I’m loving it this way!

It’s been mighty tiring but sometimes these things happen.

YunkaWinter really is setting in, with snow forecast to low levels this weekend. We had a Yunka multifuel burner put in (at last) and it sits in the spot where a previous owner removed the pellet burner. We are waiting now for the final sign off from the council, which, typically is booked for the day AFTER freezing temperatures, storms and snow to sea level are forecast! After the installation has been signed off it will take a while before the fire is able to be cranked up to full and it will stink so much we will have to go out the first time we use it. Heat is so near, yet still so far! It has involved a total living room rearrangement and some jiggery pokery to make everything fit back in!

Some exciting things are developing on the PT work front too, things I can’t quite mention yet but watch this space. 😉

This weekend was the Bluff Oyster festival. The weather forecast wasn’t great so we didn’t bother. Maybe we will, on a year when the forecast is better!

BoxFit My group classes started this week and they have gone well. Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the feedback has been positive. Taking over someone’s group classes and being contracted to deliver spin classes is different to starting your own classes from scratch. I’m really pleased they went well and the first week gained good numbers too which is pleasing.

I started an e-newsletter last week too, which is going well. You can sign up from my web site and click the tab centre top.

I have done some sums. Hopefully in around a month and a half I will have paid back all the business set up costs and will be able to start giving myself a wage! Yippee! 😀

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I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.