Sick week and not in the ‘wicked’ sense!

Sick What a week. At the end of last weekend I started feeling under the weather, it turned out to be a throat infection that floored me for almost 7 days. 

In between doing my group fitness classes and PT client appointments as best I could, I spent the week on the sofa, coughing my guts up! Not pleasant. But, share and share alike, poor Mark ended his week the same way I started mine! So, no exercise for me at all (apart from the spin class I took on Wednesday, then paid for it in coughing for the next 24 hours!).

I was JUST well enough to attend my track and road cycle coaching course that spanned three days including the weekend, and would say I still don’t feel 100%.

Apparently it’s normal here, there were several with similar symptoms when I went to the doctor. The reason is because the weather here at the change of seasons varies so dramatically, it can be 23 one day and 4 the next.

So, I haven’t even given our upcoming holiday a second thought! Perhaps I should start thinking about it!?

Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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