Dunedin: Highlanders and Gorgeous coastline

20140629-205454-75294365.jpg This weekend, we went up to Dunedin, a helter skelter trip straight from work on Friday evening, to get to the rugby game by 7:30pm. We JUST made it! We decided to stay over, and spend the day in the area before meandering back home on Saturday afternoon. So glad we did because Saturday turned out to be beautiful.  Continue reading “Dunedin: Highlanders and Gorgeous coastline”

Regattas, mountains, and unusual fruit!

20140603-192502-69902948.jpgEach time I go to the supermarket, it’s like a new learning experience. This week, we bought a new strange fruit, just to see what it was like. This is a Kiwano. It is also known as the African horned cucumber or horned melon.

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