Dad does Slope point and Curio Bay – just about!

IMG_8672I mean JUST because it was incredibly windy here today. I would say it was easily 70kmph+, almost knock you off your feet strength windy! We have been trying to get the right weather to go to curio bay and slope point (the most southerly land mass on South island – not the sight at Bluff like most people think) and the forecast said it would be OK after 12 noon. They lied!! It was a howling gale, making the waves and spray off the sea simply huge. Still, the weather doesn’t stop and Englishman, so off we went. 

We tried to take a photo at the top of the hill over Curio bay, these photos make me laugh. In the first one, I look like its a perfectly normal day in Southland, Dad looks like he’s petrified of being blown away! So, I made him do a re-take. Here they are:

First stop was Niagra Falls cafe for lunch, then the hilltop looking over curio bay, where the waves crashing on the rocks were impressive, to say the least. 

We went to see the petrified forest nearby, but sadly not much to see in this weather. Plus, obviously people have been trying to steal bits because there were now huge signs and ropes. What a shame. 

From there we went to Slope point. It stands on a high cliff, and from the elevated roadside, where you walk 20 mins down to the point, I could see waves crashing over the observation station. Immense!!! We stayed just long enough to cling onto the sign, take the photo and leave.


By the time we got back to the car, it was wall to wall sunshine!! typical crazy weather in New Zealand!