Taieri Gorge railway

IMG_8758The Otago central railway was proposed in 1877, and built in stages through to its completion from Dunedin to Cromwell in 1921. 

The gold rush quickly faded and the railways became a key transport for livestock and farm produce. It was eventually closed in 1990. Prior to that several sections had already been lost to build the Clyde Dam and create Lake Dunstan when old Cromwell was flooded. 

It is now a tourist railway, and well worth the money spent to get a ticket. I originally thought a 1/2 day trip up a railway to a place where it stops for only 10 minutes would be a bit suspect, but the scenery is completely amazing, and the old style carriages with outside gangways linking them mean that you can stand outside and watch the scenery go past!! 

Wingatui Viaduct is 197m long, 47m above Mullocky Stream, and one of the largest wrought iron structures in southern New Zealand. 

It was a thoroughly incredible journey, I am so glad we went, and I would say its a Dunedin ‘MUST DO’!