House comparison: UK v NZ

Before we left the UK, I did a video walk around of our house. Mark asked what the devil I was doing. I clearly remember saying ‘well, houses in New Zealand won’t look like this, will they?! No, they surely don’t! 

I then planned to do another walk around video once we had bought a house, and put our furniture into it. 

So, here they both are. What an amazing contrast, even if I do say so myself!  Continue reading “House comparison: UK v NZ”

Slope Point: the Southernmost tip of South Island!

slope point signIt wasn’t till the other day that I realised that the sign at Bluff was not the furthest south that you could go in Southern New Zealand. We had been to the Southern Catlins before but drove past the slope point sign, disregarding it due to the what is now familiar gravel road.

Today we decided to go to the Niagra Falls cafe for lunch, the go for a drive / walk and locate Slope point on the way. Continue reading “Slope Point: the Southernmost tip of South Island!”