Bill Richardson Truck Museum

IMG_8409I love Southland, it is always full or surprises. I messaged my friends asking for a rainy day activity locally. This was suggested. I have lived here 9 months and had never heard of the place. 

Its a really unassuming building, looks like a warehouse or something from the outside. You would drive past and think nothing of it. We had to make an appointment to go, it isn’t open all the time. 1:30pm, a man let us in, $10 each and in we went. What I didn’t know was in the usual trusty Southland way he then went away, and we were left in the building on our own. Most strange! I texted the person I had made the appointment with when we were leaving. I didn’t know what to do! ‘Thanks’ was the reply. Oh well, this must be normal!