Dad does Dunedin!

Of course, we had to take Dad back to Dunedin to see this beautiful psudeo Scottish Town. I learned today that Dunedin used to be called New Edinburgh, and Edinburgh’s Celtic name is Dunedin! 

Anyway, it was imperative that Dad conquered the steepest street in the world. Seamus came too! He said it was quite unnerving standing on the road, on such a slope. the surface was wet today too which didn’t help!

While we were there a family were taking their teenage son up, in his wheelchair. The first I noticed is when they were approaching the steepest section and the kid said ‘my arms are tired’! No really!! I was stunned that he had made it that far unaided! It was a true family team effort to get him to the top, so I did the honours and took their photo! Everyone in this family decided it was way to scary to tackle taking him in the chair back down, so one adult gave him a piggy back while another took the empty chair. Wise move!

From there we went to the settlers museum, I never get bored and I have been back several times.

Dad found a new bike, I think he might join me on the track next week!

Lastly, we did a quick tour of the peninsula, which never disappoints. It wasn’t a great day so we took pictures and kept moving. We might return next week or something when it’s brighter! (I hope!)

And finally, on the way home Dad tried another Kiwi tradition: pavlova!