There is only one life, so LIVE IT!

IMG_5096We started this blog originally to document our journey as we planned and prepared to emigrate. Our longer term plan is to also add useful links, sites, and information so that other people who are thinking of emigrating can see how we did it and get advice. 

View of Queenstown from Kelvin HeightsWe want you to see our new beautiful homeland, and we want you also to see how straight forward it is to make the big move, if its something that you are thinking about.

We live in the 21st Century. When my parents were first married, they made the move from Ireland to England, so that they could bring up their family in a safe gun free environment, they left Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles.


My parents on their wedding day.

My parents had it quite different though. Those were the days when the only phone was in a phone box at the end of the road, and the only mail was a letter in the post.

We aught to be grateful for advances in technology over the years. It makes staying in touch with people so much easier, no matter where they are in the world, via phone, skype, video call, social networks and many many other things.

We only have one life. We need to make sure we live it to the full. Don’t go through your life worrying about what ifs, sieze the day, make your path, and follow your dreams.

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