Far away from home?

This daily post was made for me!

‘Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.’

Easy – New Zealand!

I have often wondered if it is actually as far away from the UK a you can get. So I set about trying to find out.

The answers:

‘Two places exactly opposite each other on the globe are said to be antipodal. To find the antipode of any place on earth you have to know the latitude and longitude. For London it is 51 degrees North latitude and 0 degrees longitude (longitude starts in Greenwich, England)

Change the latitude to the otherside of the equator ->, 51 degrees South.
Add 180 degrees to the longitude -> 180 degrees

51 S, 180 W is in the ocean near near the Antipodes Islands which are part of New Zealand. The Antipodes Islands were named this when they were discovered because they are antipodal to England.’

I need to see it in maps, so here is a map.


This map overlays the world, with itself, showing you where is opposite to where in the world.

Or if you put a city into this web site, it shows you where the opposite is:


So, there it is, it’s official. I now live as far away from home as is possible whilst still being on this earth.

But one thing that I did discover that pleased me: New Zealand isn’t as close to the pole as the UK is, that should mean my weather will be warmer!