Facebook: friend or foe?


Weekly writing challenge: Facebook, to poke or to puke?

When we are talking about traditions, norm’s and the way we ‘used to do things’ we usually refer to our parents, out parents’ parents and so on. When it comes to social networking, it’s such a new thing that we have no traditions to learn from. Personally, I think that is why so many people get into hot water with sites like Facebook.

Facebook greys out the concrete boundaries, smudges the edges and sends confusion signs to children when they are at their most vulnerable, still tying to sort out all the social norms associated with society.

The way I have always viewed and dealt with Facebook is like this:

  • Any online parameter is a public platform, no matter what you might think or what settings you think you have set up. Therefore don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say in any REAL public platform.
  • Public image is important. We consider this when we get dressed and go out each day. The same goes for social networks.
  • A ‘friend’ is someone you know well, have known for a while, etc. the same also goes for social networks. If I don’t really know them and haven’t really met them, then they aren’t a friend.
  • With all this in mind, I think that Facebook is a valuable tool. I sort of went off it for a while, but now that I live in New Zealand I can definitely see its value.

    It enables me to stay in contact with friends and family in the UK, Ireland, France and various other places around the world. It enables me to share experiences and photos with friends and family around the world, without the time zone problems getting in the way.

    Through Facebook, I have got back in contact with old friends from my school years, (and various other times in my life) which wouldn’t have otherwise been as likely.

    Used correctly, I think social networks such as Facebook are an incredibly valuable tool to help connect us around the world, eliminate the miles and make our huge planet feel smaller as we are all able to stay in contact much easier.

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