My friend from the plane: a culinary surprise evening!

lancs hot potI am not sure if I have told this story yet, but its a story worth telling, at least more than once!! 

In short… 

I got on the plane at London next to a nice man who I got chatting to, who, it turns out, lives here in Invercargill. A few planes later, the man is sat next to an oriental lady, then one plane later, I am sat next to her. She is very friendly and gives me her number, saying we should meet up. She also lives in Invercargill. 

The school I end up working in (unexpectedly) has a lovely receptionist who shared my number with a teacher from England they used to have there, in order to help me make friends. While I am sat at her house, in walks the lovely lady from the plane! They know each other! 

I moved into my new rental house last week. I got an unexpected knock at the back door. I went to see who on earth it could be? It was the lady from the plane! She lives next door but one!! 

So, We plan a meal get together for when Mark finally gets here. We are talking about how cuisine is different in her part of the world, here in Invercargill, and back in the UK. I mention the signature dish of my home county: Lancashire hot pot. She has never heard of it, and goes off to investigate. We plan the meal, saying how funny it would be if my friend from the plane, who is actually oriental but lives here, would present him with Lancahsire hot pot. She loves a culinary challenge, and agrees! 

We went round this evening. Mark is expecting Chinese, and what does he get? Yep! And, he recognised it right away!! Her other half is from an entirely different country too, and neither have heard of, never mind tasted Lancashire hot pot, but I tell you what, she did an utterly amazing job!! 

Hillarious, tasty, thoroughly enjoyable evening!