Looking better: why, did I look worse?

stressBoth head teachers that I work for were in agreement today that I am looking better than I have for the last few weeks. I felt this was a positive for more than the obvious reasons: they are acknowledging that I was not looking so good at first, something that I was not so sure that they had noticed. To be honest, I have been seriously struggling with many things, as you probably will know if you have been reading this blog.

Moving to a brand new country is not a breeze, you expect it to be hard. You are not ever quite prepared for exactly how hard though.

Positive things to look forward to this week:

  • My own house, as of Saturday
  • BROADBAND – as of Saturday
  • Hopefully house exchange this week, and Mark gets his passport back

I haven’t been sleeping too well, I am sure that once I have my own space it will make me feel better. I am also sure that once Mark has his passport and can book the flight, that will also make me feel better.

One of my new cycling friends asked for my number today, they had a gathering on Friday evening, she wanted to invite me but couldn’t. I consider that to be a great sign too. I have been making a great deal of effort getting out there and meeting people. I hope that it is paying off. The cycling bunch are still trying to persuade me to go on Sunday bunch rides. If their track cycling is anything to go by, I am terrified that they will leave me for dead!