House move: my own four walls at last

New house This was the major event this weekend. I was originally going to rent a furnished house, which in fact are hard to come by and cost a lot of money. The staff at work insisted that I didn’t do that, and were confident that between them they could lend me enough furniture to furnish a house while I wait for my boat to sail round here! 

I was looking forward to it, but not, all at the same time. I know that the rent costs and bill costs will mean it will be very tight going financially, till Mark gets here and gets a job. Its hard to know what you can afford when you have no idea what to expect the bills to cost!

But, on the positive side, it will be nice to have my own four walls, even if its not my stuff that’s in there yet. It will be nice to have internet at last, and heat by the way of a multi fuel burner AND a heat pump (the opposite of air con). no central heating here, and the only radiators you will see are ones on wheels that plug into an electric socket! 

I have had several first starting lessons, and I managed to resurrect the embers into a fire today, but as yet I have not had to get the fire started single handed!! I also had an army of people in the house this afternoon trying to get the big old TV I have been lent working with a freeview digibox.

A woman from work who lives over the road brought me some cheesy scones as a welcome present, and and another friend  from work has been truly and utterly superb. She came round most of Saturday to help, we celebrated with wine, and they went bargain hunting on Sunday morning, Garage saleing. But, that’s a whole separate blog! 

Its been a very very tough week, for many many reasons. I find it a real challenge setting up home from scratch with no help, but I am hoping that when Mark arrives all will start to get easier.