Beautiful Dunedin


the University

the University

After the week I have had, the invite to Dunedin from Sarah was a welcome break from the stresses here in Invercargill. I had no idea she lived there, I have been talking to her via twitter for ages!!

She and her other half had a very well planned out tour of the city in store for me, covering the beautiful hills and beaches of the peninsula, the world famous 1 in 3 incline Baldwin Street (steepest residential street in the world) the clock tower and beautiful buildings of the university, and the weirdly vacant yet stunning train station, now only a tourist attraction with only one train running from it.

Dunedin is stunning in a very different way to Christchurch. It too is surrounded by hills and mountains, much of the city being perched on steep cliff-sides giving it a slightly ‘Bristol’ type feel about it, but way more stunning. The roads are similar in width to the UK, and the traffic of similar levels. A much bigger city than Invercargill. The ‘rush hour’ is still something to be sniggered at though, so Sarah tells me.

What a beautiful place to have as your swim / bike / run playground?!