At long last…


Yesterday I lost the will to live. I felt fed up.

Fed up with constantly arguing with letting agencies and landlords, fed up of looking at student shacks, fed up of trying to sort out novopay, fed up of fighting the good fight all alone, fed up of being discriminated against because I am British, have no credit history and only arrived the other week. To be honest immigration was easy compared to this.

I thought I found a house, I thought I was at the brink of actually knowing when I would see Mark again, when a stupid ass landlord decided to be an @ss. I stood my ground, largely because I was actually very very angry, and told them to stuff it. I knew this might mean I am homeless for a lot longer and might not have a house in time for Mark’s arrival, but I didn’t care. I was not standing for that nonsense, kiwi or no kiwi.

Much to my surprise it all came good today. The Landlord has agreed to put the gates back on, (but added in a clause that I MUST bolt them open or shut!) and has agreed to let me dig a veggie patch (but put in a clause that I must put the grass back after!) He has also decided that I may actually be ok despite having no NZ credit check! After lengthy discussions regards my legal stance if he turns into a long term ‘problem’ I signed the lease. Two weeks today I move into our new place.

So thus, the next phase if chaos kicks in.

Done so far today:

  • House found and signed up
  • Signed up for a broadband / home phone package, so will finally have Internet and landline in a few weeks
  • Sorted out contents insurance (AMI – cheaper by over $100!)
  • Sorted out electricity provider. Worth calling all to see who offers deals and discounts
  • Located a cheap company to rent a fridge/ washing machine – in Invercargill use DTR rentals $12 a week each
  • Windows measured, nets ordered
  • Still to do:

  • Buy or borrow cheap land line phone
  • Organise my army of friends to coordinate the furniture loans!
  • find a coal / wood sales place
  • Getting there slowly but surely.

    I think I definitely deserve a trip to Liqorland today!