Residency Approved!!


famous clock, on the Tay / Dee roundabout

Sinking in a sea of arguments with landlords, agents and solicitors, I almost overlooked this piece of news: Mark tells me that we have been granted residency.

It seems, talking to people here that I am now an envied person.

There are many other people here that have been trying to gain residency for years. I had no idea that it was so hard for some, in fact the residency train was the easy part compared to setting up camp in a brand new country. It took 6 weeks from submission to being granted. Now we need to get Mark’s passport back!

Its been a tough week, and today is the last day of my school holidays, so as of tomorrow I have a whole new set of challenges to face. Full on 100% timetable thrown in at the deep end.

I spent the last day of my holidays doing more mundane stuff, food shopping and searching for sports bras. (Small tip: it proves to be WAY cheaper to buy them in England and have them posted here!) Also, I have never thought so much about seasons for fresh food shopping till now. Today in the supermarket fresh tomatoes are now almost 3 times more expensive than other fruit and veg, because they are going out of season. So, I shall stop buying them then!!

Wish me luck at work tomorrow, I think I am going to need it!

I will cheer myself up in the thought that very soon I will get those prized blue stickers in the passport, as soon as I work out where to send it to!