Shell shocked! Day three in Invercargill

bank card

Bank cards: embossed, and available over the counter!

If you are thinking of doing something like this I would advise NOT to start work the day after you arrive!!

The people of Invercargill are really suppportive but it doesn’t replace hubby, who I am missing like mad. I really expected to, but there is nothing that prepares you for how it actrually feels. Sometimes you just neeed a hug from someone who knows how you feel without you having to speak at all.

wensleys bike shop

Wensleys bike shop: BRILL service!

I have got the bike back together again, and the local bike shop looked it over, so ready to rock and roll! I also contacted the tri-club locally, and hopefully will meet a few of those at the weekend. I have been to the local pool already, and will seek out a gym next week. Keep moving, keep moving, thats my advice.

As for the job, its really tough. There is nothing that prepares you for taking up a job in a new country, even if you think you know your stuff. I feel like I am learning all over again. I know it will get better, and I know that this is all normal but it is tough on your own. Luckily I have really supportive colleagues, which is nice.

rush hour

Rush Hour!!

The local terminology is enough to keep me amused though. Rush hour is something like this photo, taken in the centre of town at 8;15am this morning, and the favourite local phrase is ‘good as gold’ which seems to replace the likes of cool, great, thanks, thats brill, and a million other things! BUSY in the local pool means you might have to share¬†a lane with oneequally paced person!!

TOP TIPS to get started with work:

  • open a bank account prior to getting here, and validate your identity in advance. You will need proof of address in New Zealand in order to get a personal account and a bank card. Bank cards are issued over the counter and not embossed.
  • Go to the local Inland revenue office and get an IRD number. Make this priority. DO NOT go to a local post office to do it. I made that mistake and I still cannot track down the application and get that number, which I need for them to process my payroll records!
  • Be ready for the fact that the town will probably be more spaced out than you think. I looked at a map, but still wasn’t prepared for how far apart stuff was. A car will be high on the priority list when Mark gets here.