Life down under: day 1


I have had a really rather odd day. I was expecting to flag – but no. I feel tired now, my insides are still out of sync but I am awake and asleep at the right times, and I am bloody amazed! This photo is a view from a classroom window- you wouldn’t see this in the UK in too many places!

Jetlag minimisers

Lumie bright light clock in the early morning
Sleep during both halves of the long haul flight
Stay awake at the correct times when you reach destination
Keep moving
Change to destination time from the moment you leave the origin
Don’t think about it!

The New Job

There are stark differences here already.

  • Vast amounts of open space, residential and in schools
  • Views, of countryside! The locals haven’t even noticed!
  • Incredible welcome from work staff
  • Greeted by a huge hug from my boss when I met her for the first time!
  • First day in the job was brill, mostly paperwork and admin, and still much more to do. IRD number is my next problem, go into a PO and they send it off and you have to wait so don’t do that! Make an appointment at the local office!

    This evening I went in search of the local pool: it is stunning! This plus child’s wave pool, plus spa and saunas!


    Went in search of local gyms. Tried ‘advanced fitness’ but do not let names and flashy web sites (unusual for NZ – the web site that is!) because it was a right shed! The gym staff advised I didn’t want to it late at night alone! What does that tell you about it all…! Classy eh! Think I will try somewhere else.

    I also learned today that from a mobile, Skype is more expensive than a plain old call to the UK: $2 for up to a 1 hour call to the UK on vodafone NZ!

    Oh, and dear British Government, how come NZ fuel is so cheap?!


    One final thing: not everything in NZ is smaller – the local supermarket PacknSave: 20130415-232647.jpg