Poem: Finding me amongst the mayhem

Self identity, what does it mean?
Taken for granted, pre-assumed
Until your major beliefs are destroyed
Leaving you in a barren battlefield.

Like being airdropped into a strange town.
Take time to look around.
Find the familiar, find the new,
Make a list – what interests you?

A new coffee shop – same familiar taste.
A new dress shop – different but cool.
Familiar roads, don’t know where they go.
We head out anyway, discovering new.

Lipstick we loved – rediscovered again.
Sense of self worth, constructed anew
The town we knew is long gone.
New cities we found – even more cool.

New identity – Para is me
New look – confidence is me
New sport – Waka ama is me
New belief system – THIS IS ME!

[poem by Melanie Magowan]

Trauma talks: Amanda Wilson 10/7/22 Invercargill

This talk was something I saw on a friend’s Facebook page, reposted from someone she knew through horsey circles. Obviously I do not rotate in those circles so Amanda was completely unknown to me.

I also did not really have any specific expectations about this talk, but wow, the content really did blow my mind. I will do my best to summarise based on the notes I took on the day.

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