Training week 2: um, that didn’t quite go to plan!

After finding that the actual plan last week was a bit much, I had a revised plan in mind for this weeks training. Now it was going to plan.. till something else came along and sunk my ship.

I planned to knock the running out, cut the indoor bike in half, then keep the swim, parkrun and outdoor bike the same.


Then came along a limb centre appointment that well and truly sank my ship… and all the remaining week’s plans with it.

Here’s what happened:

Monday: rest (planned run was cut)

Tuesday rest

Wednesday: indoor bike 22km

Thursday rest

Friday: pool swim

Saturday: rest (meant to be Parkrun)

Sunday: rest (meant to be cycle 45km)

I never intended to run. Just as well really because the new socket was a disaster (which is most unusual) and was making my stump bleed.

Wednesday’s indoor bike was the first Zwift academy workout – explosive 30’s. I had a short or long option so I went short. 18km total. Hard but manageable considering it’s unassisted.

Friday I got to try out my brand new snazzy Form goggles!

Form Goggles

They have a digital display inside the right goggle lens giving you regular data as you swim. They can receive pre-programmed workouts and calculate your distance and lap splits as you go without you needing to intervene at all.

I will write a separate review in a different blog. But I tried one of their sample workouts and found it to be real easy to use and follow, way better than me just jumping in and swimming till I get bored. I worked harder for sure.

St Clair pool (Dunedin)

But.. it was just before that at the limb centre where the wheels came off. I was there to try and sort a new bike leg socket, plus fix the walking one. Nothing at all went to plan (on the walking leg) and I was there 5 hours in total, leaving incredibly stressed and very traumatised (PTSD related triggers).

I went for the swim (above) to try and calm the farm before I had to tackle the 210km drive home again. When I got home go left at 5am and got home at 7pm) I was a wreck. So that wrote off Parkrun the following day.

But.. my trauma response was so massive that it in effect wrote off my entire weekend and the first part of the following week (unknown to me till today when I finally worked it out).

My asthma has recently reared its head again after being dormant since my 30’s: back then it was exercise induced but we managed to control it with drugs.

This time, it’s stress induced. I already had an inhaler but I was only actually needing it occasionally.

By Saturday I had completely lost my voice and developed a non stop relentless cough that was keeping me awake among many other symptoms. This continued through the weekend. I was unable to go anywhere or do anything.

GP diagnosis

This morning (Monday day) I rang the GP and asked for an emergency appt. I was examined and told I had no chest, or throat infection. This was in fact very severe stress induced asthma. More severe than she had ever seen in this type of circumstance.

I am on short term steroids to get the asthma under control and a course of antibiotics as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile I have to take two days off work (to begin with) and work hard on relaxing and calming my mind and body. I have to return to the limb centre again Wednesday (which definitely won’t help) as we have decided to start over and make the walking socket again from scratch.

We gave up and started again

This weeks revised plan

Monday: rest / relax / recouperate

Tuesday: rest / relax / recouperate

Wednesday: swim (as long as my limb centre appt goes ok mentally and physically)

Thursday: rest

Friday: indoor ride

Saturday: Parkrun (only a maybe)

Sunday: outdoor ride 45km

Here’s to week 3 being a better one. This is a massive challenge for me (3000m swim and 120km ride) So please please consider sponsoring me no matter how small… this is a gigantic goal and those disabled children need our help.

Author: Melanie

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.

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