Tramping and a new set of legs!

20140503-211449.jpgSometimes you find yourself seated on a rock, looking around thinking Wow, is this really my life? Today was one of those days. 

I feel blessed. I have scenery like this such a short drive from my door, Please, tranquillity, beauty, life is good. 

One of the most regular comments we get is ‘wow, you are so brave.’ You MAKE your own fortunes. As we were tramping through Mores reserve today I was thinking about what we have actually done. Continue reading “Tramping and a new set of legs!”

Tramping at Sandy Point

20130922-181106.jpgWe went tramping today (hiking/walking). It was intended to be a little afternoon stroll, and ended up being a 3.5 hour hike! beautiful beautiful area! We feel so lucky! Sandy Point is only a few minutes away from us by car. There wouldn’t have been anything like this in the UK. Some beautiful photograph opportunities, as you will see. Continue reading “Tramping at Sandy Point”