And then it all went pear shaped!

This was the only way I got a ride in this week. It is proving to be a consistency battle indeed. The long ride takes up over half a day so can only take place on a day off.

This week didn’t get any. Hence bike ride problem. The only ride I got in was a turbo session on Tuesday. This does not make me a happy person. But, I guess winter is to blame. Or is it?

Monday this week was my day off. But, it was also the day after the monster bike ride so no cycling was happening with these legs, let me tell you! I decided to go for a walk on daffodil bay to get the tired and sore legs moving.

I went without poles, which was a first, but I also found that these wee legs are more tired than I thought so I almost ground to a halt on the way up! Nevertheless I made it there and back. I didn’t do the whole loop, toooooo tired!!

Then work kinda takes over for the rest of the week. I always have the best of intentions but find it hard to get up and make the most of my morning before work when I finish so late each evening as it is (usually 8:30pm).

I have not found the solution for this yet. It seems to depend on my work load and how well I sleep. This week, neither of my morning swims were full length, but both did go ahead which I guess is a positive at least.

But the bike rides… hmmm. Well it took my legs until around Thursday to recover from the 75km so oops… I couldn’t ride other than an easy turbo session. On top of that, I was working all day Tuesday, Wednesday (from early till late), Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Ack!!!! This does not make Melanie a happy person at all.

All I could manage amongst all that was a walk up Forest Hill on Saturday after work (I had about an hours daylight left).

Forest Hill means a lot to me and I love to walk that track. It did make me sad that i didn’t have time for a ride, and tomorrow (Monday)’s weather is forecast to be super crappy with 50kmph winds, guess I won’t be riding tomorrow either.

Need to find some indoor trainer mojo cos I’m kinda over it….

Author: Melanie Magowan

I am a massage therapist and part time athlete

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