Parted with the passport!


That’s it, its gone. I went into the visa application centre in London today and gave in the forms and the passport. That’s it. This is the last but one stage in the journey. This is a temporary visa application because the job starts in May and I will not get the full visa back in time, even though it is ready to send in now, their processing time is way longer. I am told I will get the temporary visa back in around 15 working days.

I feel a bit freaked out actually. I was walking around the capital wondering if this was the last time that I would be in London. I made it into a joke, to be able to cope with it, and began talking photos of silly things around the place, in case I do not see them again. Hubby said don’t be silly, but I actually feel rather weird about the whole thing.

It seems strange that somewhere that you have ALWAYS lived and taken for granted will no longer be there. Instead I am going to a place I have never been before, to work in a school I have never seen before.