#249 Hotel disability access: who has more rights?

This is a genuine question I would like to open a discussion on. Having booked a motel this weekend asking for disability access, I ran into (what has come to be a very regular) issue with the motel. Please watch and give me your thoughts. I’m genuinely interested to know.

One thought on “#249 Hotel disability access: who has more rights?

  1. If you booked the room for a disabled person and mentioned you had a disability at the time of booking, then it’s clear that they have breached the agreement.
    As for the other customers, if I in their shoes and was asked to move to another room because of their stuff up, I would be quite pissed off.
    I suspect it’s actually an administration error on their part, but that shouldn’t be your problem.
    P.S. don’t go back there again…

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