Weekend away in Oamaru

Staying at the Poshtel

This was a hotel I picked at random almost, on Booking.com. Most of the time, when I ask for a disabled room, it just opens a can of worms and I rarely get what I need. Not here. The Poshtel has an amazing eclectic mix of decor, both historical, fantastical and designer. The room itself was decorated with Billiards memorabilia. Layout was perfect for a wheelchair.

The room was positioned right inside the access door which was around the corner from the hotel’s designated disabled parking spot. The bathroom had the best non slip floor surface I have ever seen. I felt totally secure on one foot even when the floor was completely wet. Low level hooks and light switches topped off a very well thought out hotel room.

Dramas at Fat Sally’s

This was a pub I was recommended for lunch. You can immediately see what the issue was. Steps up to the door from street level. The only way in was for me to lift the wheelchair up the steps myself. So you can imagine how bamboozled I was when I got inside and saw they had a disabled accessible bathroom. What the ???

I tagged the owners into this ludicracy on instagram but to date, I got no response. I did ask the bar staff if they had a ramp (once I had lifted myself in). Nope. Apparently not. It is a shame, because it spoiled what would have been a very lovely lunch experience otherwise.


Oamaru stone, to a Brit, it looks like sandstone and reminds me of the architecture of places like Bath. But actually it is one of the purest limestones in the world. Oamaru is famous for its stone, its Victorian precinct and of course, steampunk.

Steampunk HQ

I have no idea where they get their very strange and wild imagination! I have actually been into this museum before, but I was on two feet then. I was pleased to discover that 95% of the museum was in fact accessible by wheelchair. The only place I couldn’t get to was the basement room, the access for which has been switched from an internal spiral staircase to an outside small flight of steps.

It is definitely worth reading the signs – someone has a seriously twisted sense of humor! And did you spot the photo of a steampunk gargoyle who seems to be eating up a human? That was a completely accidental photo. The person in question stepped back to take his own photo just as I pressed the button!